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Moving Day Moving Home Checklist

Use our moving home checklist to assist you in your move. For more information on our services call us on 01253 206555 or contact us here

Pre-Moving-day Removal checklist

To make your moving date a lot easier and to help you prepare packing essential items and plan the big day, we have put together a handy moving home checklist:

  • Confirm dates with the removals company and Estate Agent for your home removal
  • Sign and return the agreement
  • Clear the loft, garage, basement, outbuildings and dispose of anything you don’t want
  • Contact carpet fitters
  • Book disconnection of main services and arrange to have the gas, electricity, telephone and water meters read

Notify changes of address to the following :

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Vet
  • Bank, savings/share accounts
  • Telephone and utilities companies
  • TV license, DVLA, Passport Office

Other things to bear in mind

  • Ask Post Office to re-route mail with their redirection service
  • Clean out fridge and freezer and start running down the freezer. Manufacturers and the Trade Association advise against moving freezers in a frozen state
  • Disconnect appliances and prepare for transportation – refer to the Manufacturers’ instructions/handbooks
  • Arrange minders for children and pets for the day and suitable transport for your pets
  • Ask friends and family to help
  • Find and label keys
  • Take down curtains/blinds
  • Put together a basic catering pack for the family at the new home
  • Prepare plants for transit
  • Have TV aerials or satellite dishes taken down if they are part of the move
  • Organise packing materials, boxes and bubble wrap for delicate items
  • Start packing and keep safe any important documents

Use our moving home checklist to assist you in moving. For more information on our moving service call us on

01253 206555

Day of the Move

  • Keep your valuables with you and carry them personally to your new home
  • Before departing check that nothing has been forgotten. A final walk round is always recommended.
  • Ensure the removal crew have directions to your new home and a contact number for you on the way
  • Arrive at the new property, with the keys, before the removal van
  • Don’t forget to register to vote at your new address


Security Tip When you move, there is always a risk that junk mail delivered to your old address could be used by criminals to clone your identity and obtain credit cards etc. in your name.

To stop this happening contact the Mailing Preference Service 0845 703 4599. Braithwaites are a removals firm and moving home removal service you can firm you can rely on – our aim is to take the stress out of moving home. 


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