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Local Spotlight: Exploring Preston

Situated in the heart of Lancashire, Preston is a vibrant and historic city that has a lot to offer both to its residents and visitors alike. With its beautiful parks, compelling history, and rich cultural scene, it has something for everyone. This article aims to explore some of the notable aspects of Preston, which also make the city a desirable place for settling down.

A Glimpse into Preston’s History

Preston holds a significant place in Britain’s history. The city played a crucial role during the Industrial Revolution, becoming a bustling centre for textile production. The iconic Cotton Exchange, built in the 19th century, stands as a testament to Preston’s industrial heritage.

Moreover, the city is known for hosting the Guild Merchant festival, a historic celebration dating back over 800 years. This tradition is unique to Preston and is a colourful celebration of the city’s heritage and community spirit.

Green Spaces and Parks

One of the delightful aspects of Preston is its abundance of green spaces. Avenham and Miller Parks are among the city’s prized possessions, offering a serene escape right in the city centre. These Victorian parks, with their beautifully landscaped gardens and the River Ribble flowing alongside, provide a perfect setting for leisurely strolls and picnics.

In addition, the Forest of Bowland, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is just a short drive away, offering a plethora of walking and cycling trails amidst stunning natural scenery.

Cultural Scene

Preston is a hub of cultural activities with numerous theatres, galleries, and music venues. The Preston Guild Hall is a notable mention, hosting a variety of events, concerts, and theatrical performances throughout the year.

The city also takes pride in its Harris Museum and Art Gallery, which houses an impressive collection of fine art, decorative art, and historical artefacts. Moreover, the annual Lancashire Encounter Festival celebrates the rich and diverse culture of the region, bringing together artists, performers, and the community.

Education and Employment Opportunities

Preston is home to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), one of the UK’s largest universities, which attracts students and academics from across the globe. The presence of UCLan significantly contributes to the city’s lively atmosphere and its diverse population.

In terms of employment, the city has a growing economy with opportunities in various sectors including education, healthcare, and manufacturing. The proximity to Manchester and Liverpool also broadens the employment prospects for the residents of Preston.

Housing and Removal Services

When it comes to housing, Preston offers a mix of traditional and modern homes at relatively affordable prices compared to other cities in the UK. The city has seen a rise in new housing developments, catering to a growing population.

For those considering moving to or within Preston, engaging a reliable removal service is crucial for a hassle-free experience. With professional removal services, residents can ensure the safe and efficient transportation of their belongings, making the transition smooth and stress-free.


Preston is indeed a city that embraces its past while looking forward to the future. Its unique blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and a welcoming community make it a desirable place to live and work. Moreover, its growing economy and housing opportunities are attracting more people to call Preston home. So, if you are planning a move, Preston awaits with open arms and a promise of a rich, fulfilling life.