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Moving House Etiquette: Actions and Checklists to Remember

Moving is an exciting time, but at the same time, it can also be a stressful one. You get to start a new chapter in your life, yet you need to pack up your old life and move it to a new location. You’ll have to go through things that you haven’t touched in a while, and that can be a bit difficult.

The hectic process can understandably put anyone at the edge, so to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments, there are some moving etiquettes to keep in mind to ensure everything runs its course smoothly. 

Moving House Etiquette: What to Keep in Mind 

Tip #1: Clean Up After Yourself and Leave the Property in Good Condition

Before you leave, it is important to note that you should clean up after your mess and leave the property in good condition. While you may have hired a professional moving company to aid in the process, you should still keep your own home clean and tidy, as you would have someone else’s house.

Having a clean and structured moving day is important for the movers, as it allows them to deliver their best service. And it’s also important for you, too, as you avoid putting your stuff in one place and having to clear it all from elsewhere.

Tip #2: Be Sure to Complete Unfinished Repairs 

During the process of moving in, you may find that there are still some repairs you need to finish. Be sure to complete the repairs before moving out, as the landlord or next owner would not be happy to see that the house is not in perfect health.

If it is too much for you to complete the repairs yourself, then you should ask a professional to do it.

Tip #3: If Renting, Don’t Take Items that Don’t Belong to You 

When it comes to items that are not yours, be it a sofa or a vase, be sure not to take any items that don’t belong to you. If you’re not sure if you’re allowed to take something, be sure to ask the landlord or the owner’s representative first.

Tip #4: If Renting, Remember to Give the Landlord Advance Notice

If you are renting a property, remember to give the landlord advance notice on your moving day. This is important because the landlord will have to get the keys from you and make an appointment with the new tenant.

Before moving out, be sure to check whether your landlord requires you to leave in a certain time frame. It’s also important to remember to complete the required research, such as negotiating the date with your landlord and more. 

The Bottom Line: Tips to Pack for Your Moving Day

When it comes to certain things, it’s easy to get into a heated argument. This is especially true when moving day comes by as it can be a very stressful day to deal with. 

However, if you want to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your moving company, with your landlord, and with the people who will be living in your previous home, following these tips can go a long way in making your moving day a successful one.

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