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5 Tips to Make Moving Home Easy – What to Know

Create a Comprehensive List

The idea of making a list may appear straightforward, but it’s astounding how many people overlook this basic yet powerful tool in their moving process. A well-thought-out list offers a tangible roadmap of all the items needing to be packed, providing you with a clear overview of the task at hand. This becomes particularly important if you’re moving solo.

To avoid leaving things behind, start by creating a detailed inventory before the moving truck even arrives. This will allow you to work systematically, ensuring all belongings are packed and ready to go. From your grandmother’s antique vase to the silverware in your kitchen drawers, don’t leave anything off this list.

Create a Comprehensive List

It’s no secret that moving can be an arduous process. To mitigate this, prioritise the items you’ll need to pack. 

Start with the essentials – the items you use daily and simply cannot function without.

To streamline the process further, opt for durable, double-wall boxes, which offer additional protection for your valuable belongings. 

Don’t forget to clearly label each box. This straightforward yet often overlooked step can make the unpacking process exponentially smoother and faster.


Prioritise Organisation

Upon completing the packing process, don’t abandon your organisational efforts. 

Avoid the dreaded scenario of desperately rummaging through mountains of boxes for your essentials, like towels or kitchen utensils. The key to remaining organised lies in maintaining order.

Rather than haphazardly stacking boxes, arrange them in neat rows or piles. Store items where they are easily accessible to save time and effort in locating them. 

This strategy will dramatically cut down the time spent hunting for your belongings amidst a sea of cardboard.

Avoid Overloading the Moving Vehicle

While it may be tempting to cram every last item into the moving vehicle, resist the urge. Not only is it a safety hazard, but overloading can lead to fines due to weight restrictions. Take a step back and assess your belongings. If there are items you won’t immediately need at your new home, consider utilising a self-storage facility.

Our storage facilities, while not accessible to the public due to insurance and security concerns, ensure your goods are kept safe and secure round-the-clock. This strategy provides you the opportunity to move into your new home without the clutter of non-essential items, giving you ample space and time to arrange your essentials first.

Enlist the Help of Professional Movers

While the above-mentioned tips significantly reduce moving stress, the ultimate stress-free solution is to hire professional movers. Our experienced team can handle everything from loading to unloading, placing each piece of furniture in the designated room. Fully insured, with goods in transit insurance covering up to £75000 on both new and old policies, we bring peace of mind along with our expertise.

Professional movers are not only equipped with the right tools and resources, but their efficiency can expedite the moving process, getting you settled into your new home quicker.

Remember, moving is a common part of life, and while it can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. By following our tried and tested tips, your move can become a simple, even enjoyable, experience.

Still, wondering how to make your move smoother? Don’t hesitate to contact a professional moving service. With their wealth of experience and resources, they can guide you through the process with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

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