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23 Home Moving Tips

Home moving is quite challenging especially when there is a lot to do. But don’t worry, we have got your back. This article will share a list of top tips and tricks to make moving easier for you. So, without further delay, let’s get started with our Blackpool removals journey.

1. De-clutter first

The very first thing is to get rid of unnecessary and unused items. De-clutter your storage shelves and garage, to get things sorted out. The fewer items you have the easier the moving process will be. Because fewer furniture and fewer boxes is easier to move, unload and organize and can often save on your moving costs.

2. Categorise things

Take out some time to organize your stuff for moving home. Divide your belongings into different categories according to the nature of the item. This will help in help in ensuring that you have got all your things moved.

3. Donate some stuff

It is good to donate the stuff you don’t use very often. This will be helpful in two ways. First, getting rid of your unwanted furniture and possessions will reduce your moving costs. And secondly, you will be able to help someone with the stuff that is not being used from your belongings. But whenever you think about donation, make sure you are donating the right thing to the right person.

4. Sell the extras

Another good option is to sell the items that are in good condition and earn some extra money from them. This money can be further used to pay the moving charges. Also selling some stuff will lower your packing burden making the moving process easier for you. When selling items, consider getting rid of the larger elements from your belongings. This might include furniture pieces like beds and sofas. It is because these items are the most expensive to move.

5. Create space

Making space will help in keeping an easy check on your items. If things are not bumping into each other and are properly placed, it will be a help to your removals company, house removals Blackpool. We can easily store the entire contents of your home in our secure container storage facilities.

6. Look for a professional moving company

Research always takes a lot of time. But honestly, finding the best house removal companies in Blackpool or further afield is never that easy. You will get various results when you’ll enter “best home movers“. Now it is your job to see the details of all Blackpool movers and decide if they meet your demand or not. Create a list of the best home movers first based on their pricing, services etc. Then narrow down the list to the company that you think fits the best to your needs. This will help you find the best company for your removal and storage Blackpool services.

7. Choose the right day

Another very important thing to consider when it comes to home moving is the day you choose. See your monthly schedule and hire your moving company at least a few weeks or a month in advance. This will ensure that your moving day does not clash with any other important tasks. Also booking movers in an emergency can lead you to make bad decisions. Also sometimes the moving company you want to hire might not be free on the day you are planning to move. To avoid such situations it is better to book earlier.

8. Create a moving to-do list

This might sound a little unusual but creating a moving to-do list will be a great help. Grab a pen and paper and list all the items that you have to move. Also separately write down the things you have to sell, donate and discard. On the day of moving cross-check your packed items with those on the list. This will make sure that you don’t miss any of your stuff.

9. Make a calendar

To make your moving process easier make a moving calendar. Dividing your packing tasks into different categories and spare a day for every group of tasks. Then perform the task on the chosen day and tick it on the calendar. This will help in two ways. First, you won’t miss any of your tasks. Second, your packing schedule will be easy and well-distributed.

10. Get some moving boxes

Call your local removals company and ask them for boxes. You can also order spare boxes online. Packing your belongings in boxes will keep them organized. Also, it will keep them protected from damage.

11. Look for the original electronics boxes

If you are one of those people who love keeping the boxes of their electronics, then moving your electronics will be an easy task for you. The original electronic boxes have enough space to fit in the relevant item easily. They have different sections for keeping the delicate items. Moreover, those boxes are compliant with the safety guidelines for preventing your electronics from being damaged during the moving process.

12. Call for help early

If you are planning to move yourself ask your friends, family, neighbours to help you with your home move, it is better to tell them earlier. This way you can figure out who is available on the day of moving and who is not. In case of unavailable help, you can also timely arrange some alternative helpers.

13. Pack earlier

Home moving is a tiring process, and you should not saturate yourself with the workload on a moving day. So it is better advised to pack your stuff earlier from the moving day. This way you will find enough time to pack your stuff in an organized way. And this is better than simply throwing your belongings in the packing boxes.

14. Start with adding heavier furniture into the moving truck

The key to loading your moving vehicle easily is to always start with loading the heavier items, and then the light ones. For example, start with the sofas and then add chairs. We all panic when we think about loading our whole furniture into a single moving vehicle. And this is why we all prefer moving companies to help us with this tiring and difficult task. You can consider some professionals to help you in efficiently and perfectly loading all your items into the moving vehicle.

15. Keep the Ziplock bags easily approachable

When shifting your home or office luggage, you have to be careful about small things. To store these small things such as screws, doorknobs, or keys, you can use Ziplock bags. This bag not only secures your things but also ensures that everything is organized and properly segregated. Also, the best thing about Ziplock bags is that they are available in multiple sizes. So you can easily put small-sized or lesser things into small-sized bags and for more number of things, go for the bigger bags.

16. Set your beds immediately

Who doesn’t get tired when shifting to another place! The very first thing we all want is to lay down peacefully on our comfy bed and relax before unpacking other items. It is always recommended to set up your bed as soon as you move your things to another place. Just unload your bed, place it in a corner, add a nice pair of sheets, and you are ready to go. For your convenience, you can always keep a bedsheet separated from other items so that you can quickly use it when needed.

17. Take snaps of your new empty place before adding your things

This is an important tip for those who are renting a home. Homeowners are very much concerned about their property, and always want to keep their place fixed and unbroken.

18. Prepare a personal overnight bag

It is not possible to get everything unpacked on the very first day of moving. So it is always good to keep an overnight bag ready that has all your personal stuff. This might include items like toiletries, medicines, gadgets, spare clothes etc. This will save you from getting tired of finding your stuff after you move in all the boxes that you have.

19. Do not buy unnecessary groceries a week earlier

Buying groceries for the whole month just before a week to your home moving day is never a good thing. This will just add more to your moving weight and time. It is always better to do the weekly and necessary grocery shopping only when you are close to moving. Once you finally reach your new location, you can buy as many groceries as you want.

20. Get copy prints for important documents

During the home moving process, it is likely that you might lose some of your worthy belongings before you have had a chance to unpack fully. This can include some important documents sometimes. To save yourself from any trouble it is always better to get your important documents copied before you move. Keep the copied documents and the original ones in separate bags and take them with you so that you don’t lose them.

21. Keep the cleaning items separate

Pack the cleaning items separately that will be used after you’ll move to your new place. This will save you from the trouble of gathering all your required cleaning stuff from different bags to proceed with cleaning your new place.

22. Defrost your fridge earlier

Another important thing for moving is to defrost your fridge at least 24 hours before you move. This will give sufficient time to the extra ice built-up in your freezer. As a result, you’ll be able to move your frozen items easily to your new place.

23. Boxes from the same room should be loaded together

Make sure to load the boxes from the same room together. This will help it easy unpack of your stuff. Moreover, it will ensure that your unpacking process goes as smooth as your packing process.


Hopefully, these moving hacks related to Blackpool storage and removal services will help you with your home moving process. In case there is still something left that you want to ask us about, feel free to contact us. We would love to help!