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Braithwaite's Packing Services

With the assistance of a full-service removals company, you can leave the hassle behind. Make a seamless and safe transition to your new beginning.

  • Provider of fully insured removal services
  • On-demand furniture assembly/disassembly is offered.
  • Over the years, hundreds of returning clients have placed their trust in us.
  • We will keep your items secure while they are in transit.

We provide a full packing service to all of our customers in Preston and the nearby areas.

So the day has finally arrived — after all of your preparation and waiting for bids to be approved, you are finally ready to pack everything up and move. Hmm. Where do you even begin? First, what about the kitchen? Do you have a living room? Bedrooms? What about the garden?!

Let us handle all of the packings.

Braithwaite’s Removals Preston, as part of a complete removals service, also provides full packing services for all of your home and office moving needs in Blackpool and around the UK.

Packing your home and preparing it for a move may be a time-consuming and stressful operation, so if you need a team of specialists to do it for you quickly and effectively, just ask — we’ll be pleased to assist.

What can we do?

Our movers can dismantle/reassemble furniture and professionally pack all of your items.

We have expertise in packing fragile things such as glassware, decorations, and electrical appliances and gadgets. We use professional packing materials to assure safety in transport and during loading and unloading.

By using our packing services, which include free goods in transit and public liability insurance on all house removals, you can be confident that your belongings are safeguarded and safe.

Can we save you time?

One of the critical reasons for providing this service is that it might be pretty time-consuming for you to do so. We have the skills and tools to pack everything, allowing you to focus on other necessary things for the move to be successful. Or maybe it’s tough to acquire time off, so this work can’t be completed – in any case, we’re here to help if needed.

Packing is one of those tasks that, while not difficult, can be refined with experience — there is an art to it. Of course, it is our responsibility to be professional in all facets of the removals business – and packing is one of them. There are a few things to avoid and a few things to do to make the process as efficient and productive as possible. Though it may appear to be a little activity, it is a critical component of the whole project.

As specialists, we will be able to complete this task most effectively and efficiently possible, and there is a strong chance that we will be able to speed up the entire process by taking care of it.

Another reason to ask us to undertake this part of the job for you is if you have any health difficulties that would prevent you from doing it, such as if you are unable or find it challenging to move big goods.

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